A Passion for Children's Fashion

My name is Maria Marcus, head designer and owner of Marco & Lizzy. I have had a  love of children's clothing since my first child Lizzy. When she was born, I knew I wanted to dress her in smocked dresses. I took some classes to be able to make them myself, and so this 35 year journey began. My children were the  inspiration and motivation to start a children's clothing company.

From the beginning, I could describe my style as classic, timeless, and traditional - with a twist. I've always loved the European trend in children's fashion; it's a classic look where the children look like children. Once I was able to travel through Europe, it helped tremendously to further refine my taste. I have been able to find great materials that bring my creations to life. These creations started as an idea on a piece of paper, many times inspired by my surroundings, an object, or simply a color - years ago we did not have Pinterest or the web to scour for inspiration.

A few weeks ago my friend Emy, who helps me at the Children's Club Show in New York, sent me a picture she found of one of our dresses. It was a picture of Arabella, Ivanka Trump's daughter, wearing one of our dresses from our Summer 2015 collection. I was thrilled to learn that someone like Ivanka Trump, an elegant woman and a designer herself, had chosen one of our creations to dress her daughter.

Ivanka Trump Instagram

Ivanka Trump Instagram

This is not the first time one of our dresses has been worn by the child of a celebrity. Many years ago, I had a customer who asked me make a dress for someone important - the Duchess of York's daughter. I will readily admit I thought she was joking. How could she have a relationship with the British Royal Family? When we finished the dress, my customer was very pleased. But I never thought anything of it beyond a job well done. A few months later, I was invited to a party she was hosting. When I walked into her home, I was shocked - there were pictures of my customer's family with the British Royal Family. I guess she was not joking after all...

It is encouraging to see that despite all the trends that come and go, dressing a child with quality materials and classic looks never goes out of style.